Simply Quilts Quilt


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4 Responses to “Simply Quilts Quilt”

  1. Elaine W Says:

    I agree. They shouldn’t have taken it off the air. It was a great show. And I made that quilt from their show. I love it. I used sparkly black fabric for the background which was a really nice twist. It was also my first paper piecing job so it wasn’t the best. But the wall hanging looks great. I quilted it with a feather in each triangle, and closely stippled the background.

    • cindirae Says:

      Sparkly fabric – what a great idea! Oh, and as Peggi always says, if your quilt looks good from 3 feet back then you did a great job on it – there are no quilt police! Thanks for your reply, Elaine! ~ Cindi

  2. Julia Says:

    Hi Cindi, I made it here..
    I love this quilt too. I will give it a go one day.
    love your blog, lots of beautiful quilts and eye candy..
    thank you for emailing me.
    Julia ♥

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